Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Tuesday Trend Report....

Mrs Sew and Sew...

From my daily scanning of the Internet and spying all the things I want to buy I noticed a trend forming of embroidered clothing. Whether it be little touches of embroidery here or there, or a large motif embroidered all over. It makes me want to create my own embroidered touches to my clothing, making something old and boring to something more colourful and personal to me.

1. Nishe Heart Embroidered Sweetheart Tea Dress - £45 - Asos
2. ASOS Embroidered Lips Jumper - £32 - Asos
3. Black Flower Embroidered Locket Necklace - £10 - River Island
4. Petite Embroidered Hot Pants (also available in regular size) - £35 - Topshop
5. ASOS Shirt With Embroidered Necklace - £40 - Asos
6. Cat Shoes - Embroidered Kitty Flats Mary Janes - £16.29 - Etsy
7. MOTO Embroidered Denim Shirt - £35 - Topshop

My favourite out of all these images are the cat shoes, all you need is some plain flats and just embroider some cat faces on and stitch some triangles for ears, simple! Plus they look really cute too! I also like the embroidered denim shirt on the collar, something I am thinking of doing on one of my old boring plain denim shirts I have. You can do embroidery on just about anything although if you are like me, you will probably need a lot of patience (especially if I was to do something like those shorts!)

Happy embroidering!

(pictures referenced underneath)

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