Sunday, 16 September 2012

Film... Mrs Henderson Presents...

I wanted to watch this film because it is based around the 2nd World War and I wanted ideas for garment shapes. It tells the story of an old rich lady called Laura Henderson (Judi Dench) who has recently lost her husband and has nothing to do. She had also lost her 21 year old son in the 1st World War and she feels like she has to do something useful. She buys an old run down theatre called The Windmill and puts on shows constantly all through the day with the help of the director Vivian Van Damm (Bob Hoskins). As their sales start to dwindle from other theatres copying them, they start producing shows which show women in nude.

It is a very witty and light hearted film with the tragedy of the war on all our minds.

There are some amazing costumes in the film that really show off 1940s fashion.

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