Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Inspiration... Mandy Pattullo

I have discovered a new designer who is a textile designer and surface designer called Mandy Pattullo. She uses vintage fabrics and thrifted items with a collage technique to create gorgeous sketchbook pages or mood board pieces, clothing, illustrations, furniture etc. I find her work so interesting in the way that the objects used to create her work weren't made together but they were meant to be together.

I also find her work interesting because for my final project at university I want to use 2nd hand clothes and embroider on top of them and her work is giving me so many ideas of what I can do. My favourite piece is the embroidered jacket. I just love how she has applied flowers cut out of from fabric and then embroidered on top of them and also the mixture in textures between the images and the cross stitched sections. I also love the sketchbook page with the combination of text, images, embroidery and swatches of fabrics and threads that make the whole page come alive and give off the mood and theme.

(All images referenced from mandypattullo.co.uk)

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