Thursday, 13 December 2012

Making a Point...Again...

Another artist I liked from the exhibition but unfortunately was not there to tell us more about their work was by Liz Hammond. She has used the exhibition to educate people about the destruction of our coral reefs by pollution, global warming and drag netting and that scientists believe our coral reefs could all be destroyed in 12 years. It is sad to think about this, the beautiful fish, crustaceans, plants and animals that live on coral reefs will be no more and all because of us.

She says, 'I have produced three pieces of work called Threatened, Destroyed and Remembered - a sad reflection of the fragility of life.'

Even though the reason why this work was for a serious and sad cause, the work is still really beautiful and intriguing.

I especially love the textures and colours and they really do look like something you would find at the bottom at the sea. The beautiful colours of the first one being haunted by the next two pieces slowly disappearing from existence and losing colour. It unbelievable that something like that could happen in such a short space of time such as 12 years. 

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