Sunday, 13 January 2013

Out and About... Valentino


Over Christmas I went to the exhibition at Somerset House in London to see the Valentino collection. I was so excited to see the dresses up close as I have always liked their designs but have never had the chance to get a closer look. They did not let me down. The dresses were amazing dating from the 1950s to present and were arranged in colour sections of the dresses and outfits to make them look like mini collections even though they might not be from the same era. What I did not like about the exhibition was that it was set out in a tunnel like atmosphere, where there was a long walk way which was suppose to be like you were walking the runway at a fashion show with chairs on either side mingled in between the dresses with famous people's names on to represent the front row at a fashion show. Instead I felt a bit like I was at a cattle market being pushed along in one direction and not being able to take my time on the dresses when there were impatient people behind eager to get a closer look and blocking my way. Also the numbers didn't run in a logical order to me so I was constantly turning the pages in the little book you were given to give details on the dresses, trying to figure out which one was which and having to try and fight my way back down the lane to the ones I had missed. Other than that I thoroughly enjoyed it, seeing the details up close of the embroidery and construction. I definitely left feeling inspired by it. As I couldn't take pictures in the exhibition I underlined the ones I liked in my book and researched them. I also like the fact at the end of the exhibition there was a table set out with the different couture techniques Valentino has used in his work to create layers, pleats, structure that hadn't been seen before he invented them.

If you are interested in couture designs and fashion I highly recommend going to this exhibition which is around till the 3rd of March.

Here are some of the designs I loved from the exhibition...

1959 navy blue cocktail dress with panel detailing on the back
A/W 1989/90 white cady jacket and dress ensemble with silk embroidery and sheepskin trim at the collar and cuffs
designed in 1955, realised in 1990, white rebrode lace evening gown with pink degrade chiffon drape detailing. A tribute to Mexican actress Maria Felix
A/W 1992/93 black and white velvet satin evening dress with jet and rhinestone embellishment
A/W peach silk crepe evening dress with beaded embellishment
There was many more dresses that I liked but I can't seem to find any pictures!!

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