Tuesday, 7 May 2013

A Change in Direction...

I've been having a bit of a crisis within my FMP and I didn't really think it was going well and I couldn't get into it. Having the garments ready made in front of me was something making me stuck and I couldn't think of how to change them because I wanted them to be wearable. I also didn't like the idea of garments being stuck together to make a new outfit, 3 waistcoats in one or patch worked together. I feel like that look is really drab, been done before millions of times and I didn't have that many items that would go. I believe it would have taken a long time to source items that go along together nicely (time I don't have) and as I'm being donated things, most of the stuff found is out of my control. I just didn't want to be unhappy with it and I was starting to get really unhappy. I don't know whether it was just me being picky but I just didn't like most of the outcomes where things where placed as patches and didn't have a purpose,  they were just there.

So I had a deep thinking time and decided on I'm not going to focus on whole outfits. I am just going to be looking at tops such as jumpers and shirts and berets. Using the garments as the canvas to apply the techniques I like on top rather than changing the shapes necessarily. Making a whole outfit was putting me off too. Things look lovely on their own but combined with another item could look too much.

This aside I am feeling a lot happier. I get to focus on the applications I love the most - print and embroidery and I have just getting carried away with it. Typical when you've got hardly any time left! Time is going too fast! One day it's Monday, then it is suddenly Sunday!!

Here are some snapshots of what I have been up to...

 photo DSCF2910_zpsca9bd1bc.jpg photo DSCF2911_zpsc3f77549.jpg photo DSCF2915_zps4b5833bb.jpg photo DSCF2936_zps282d2efc.jpg photo DSCF2939_zpsab1d1b24.jpg photo DSCF2946_zpsb1d2dc07.jpg photo DSCF2950_zpsb605370a.jpg photo DSCF2978_zpsc288ad93.jpg

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