Sunday, 2 June 2013

GFW Set Up...

So the time has come to showcase our work at Graduate Fashion Week and I couldn't be more nervous or excited. It has come around so quick & I don't feel like I've had time to think, with the photo shoots, videos happening etc. I am glad that is coming to an end as I don't think I can muster up anything more to give at the moment but I am also sad that it is ending and that is 4 years of my life gone and we'll be going our separate ways. I am excited for the next stage of my life though, something new to look forward to!

Setting up the stand was a good experience, got to see the whole class's work coming together, laying it out in a way to invite people to come and have a look and to see everyone's hard work finished. Also to spy on the other uni's work and to see what they have been up to. As we include textiles on our course we had to cater for everyone's work to shine out against the other universities. I think by having textiles, it gives us a different edge even though it is GFW. Most of the time things can go either way, interiors, fashion so you can't rule anything out. Everyone's work looked amazing & you can tell people's personalities have come out in their work.

We have kindly been sponsored by Offkut who gave us all of our furniture we've used. I really want some of their lights!

 photo IMG-20130601-01319_zpse49e5551.jpg 

Looking forward to a good show! 

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