Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Entering the 3rd year of degree...

I was so excited to go back to uni after what seemed like a really long summer. I wanted to get going and get creative! The first lesson back we were shown some previous 3rd year's work to show what they expect us to do this year. I found it very helpful to see an example of good work and to inspire me into getting on with it and enjoying it. It also daunted me a bit too, I am really nervous about the amount of time we have to do everything and how important each thing is. Everything is so much bigger this year (as it's expected to be), dissertation, final major project, everything! I don't know how I am going to fit it all in and do everything to the best of my ability.

My favourite work shown by the post graduates was by Deimante Meilune. She has used techniques I am mostly interested in like knit, embroidery and print and the way she had used these techniques were really inspiring. She had used her culture of  Lithuania's National costume to create garment shapes and inspire the prints and knits too.

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The embroidery and concept is lovely and everything she has done you can tell was done with great love and attention. I want my work to turn out that way, I want to enjoy it all, especially as I won't get the chance to do my final year again and I want to leave knowing that I done my best and I truly love everything I have done. I have felt like in the past that I have never put my whole heart and soul into something and when I haven't the results haven't been great. So this just proves I need to do things I love and enjoy! 

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