Sunday, 4 November 2012

Warm Feet...

I always enjoy knitting. I also like to learn new skills. What way could I combine the two and create something lovely? SOCKS! I have never knitted socks before in my life or used double ended needles! With the weather getting chillier and my holiday getting closer where we would be staying in a cottage in the peak district I wanted to make sure I had warm feet. I searched and searched and searched the internet looking for a free pattern to use to knit some socks and came across this blog where they had knitted some lovely chunky cable knit socks. Never knitted socks before.... throw a cable into the mix to make it that little bit harder...erm....I thought I might regret it! The instructions were very good and clear and I also used a lot of youtube videos to help with the parts I had never done before such as casting on to double ended needles in a round. For my first try everything worked out pretty well! On my right sock I went slightly wonky towards the toe part but not so you'd notice and as they were for me I didn't stress about it too much.

After completing one sock I then had to get the energy up to do the other one! Maybe I'll stick to christmas stockings in the future? I've had orders from other people to make them a pair so I know what I'll be getting/making people this christmas!

Now I've learnt the skills I want to develop them and practice them more. I want to try other things such as jumpers, hats and mittens! I completed the socks in time for my holiday and they kept my feet very warm :)

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