Thursday, 4 April 2013

Experimenting With Dyes and Bleach...

From the old white sheets I received from the hospice I have been using them to create prints on. These prints have been inspired by butterfly wing patterns and bird feathers. I have created these prints by simply drawing straight on to the fabric with dye and then adding bleach in places. I have also used wax on some samples so I could get random and unexpected lines and cracks. I really enjoyed doing this and found myself with quite a few samples as I thought of different way to create different effects and looks. Some times I wet the fabric before I placed the dye on to the fabric. This inspiration in techniques came from experimenting on paper first. I created some the paper samples in the same way as I have the fabric ones, by wetting the paper, painting the bleach onto the paper first etc. I really liked the random and unpredicted results that I received from both the paper and the fabric experiments which led me onto trying the prints on a larger piece of fabric.

This led me on to my second outfit, draping on the stand and using foiled doilies to try and make garment shapes.

 photo DSCF2470_zpsc641d83c.jpg photo DSCF2491_zpsb63cc7f0.jpg  photo DSCF2504_zps2f45d8bc.jpg photo DSCF2505_zps729c57d0.jpg photo DSCF2507_zps23daf0c8.jpg photo DSCF2767_zpsd5ef2d40.jpg photo DSCF2769_zps3aaebbea.jpg photo DSCF2770_zpsef0fc8e0.jpg photo DSCF2818_zps6521e6c0.jpg photo DSCF2821_zps82702e03.jpg photo DSCF2823_zpsd843d1b8.jpg photo DSCF2820_zps7ce96158.jpg photo DSCF2830_zpsfab87dfb.jpg photo DSCF2831_zpsc5044e23.jpg

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