Monday, 25 March 2013

FMP... Up-cycling...

Another update to my up-cycling project! I have been dyeing and changing the shape on the wedding dress, using different parts for different sections. Also I have dyed the white shirt shown previously underneath the wedding dress and embellished it with washers that have been spray painted. I am really liking the processes I am using, thinking of different materials to include in my collection that you wouldn't generally think of. The shirt has ended up being really heavy but I like the weight it adds to the shirt. I am thinking about other things to do to this piece and might not be with this dress but the more items I have to play around with the better.

 photo DSCF2616_zpsac6ff01d.jpg photo DSCF2622_zpsc6a1be70.jpg
 photo DSCF2625_zps2cbab956.jpg photo DSCF2626_zps6167c31d.jpg
 photo DSCF2636_zpsf034afc4.jpg

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