Sunday, 31 March 2013


Being given lace from St Helena Hospice has sparked an interest in looking at vintage lace. We have a vintage cupboard at uni and I have never looked in there before. I can't believe I haven't! It was full of beautiful things. I looked in the lace boxes and just loved the patterns, details and frailty of it all.
I also looked at the details such as embroidery as this is something I want to include in my final major project.

 photo DSCF2771_zpsfd39dec9.jpg photo DSCF2772_zpsf8a91099.jpg photo DSCF2773_zps73b7a35f.jpg photo DSCF2774_zpsf9647e92.jpg photo DSCF2777_zps24065b94.jpg photo DSCF2780_zpsf3916263.jpg photo DSCF2787_zpsd91df234.jpg photo DSCF2788_zpsd4d3672c.jpg photo DSCF2789_zps4fb00a95.jpg photo DSCF2790_zpsf22fc3dc.jpg photo DSCF2791_zpsb9d17f2a.jpg photo DSCF2792_zpsa5b1a889.jpg photo DSCF2793_zps57fa7a63.jpg photo DSCF2794_zpsf634667f.jpg photo DSCF2799_zps5c870c5f.jpg photo DSCF2804_zps3f316686.jpg photo DSCF2808_zpsde97b6a0.jpg photo DSCF2811_zpsbf8b04cc.jpg photo DSCF2813_zps2b09f9ca.jpg
 photo DSCF2817_zps7319f910.jpg photo DSCF2816_zpse02822e4.jpg photo DSCF2784_zpsa6734f45.jpg photo DSCF2782_zpsc9c25cde.jpg
The differences in the lace and patterns are amazing and I liked the discolouring of the lace to show its age. I also like the details such as the layering of lace over other materials and embroidery with big bold stitches. 

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