Saturday, 30 March 2013

Inspiration... Fiona Rose...

I got the pleasure of looking at a previous students and now tutor's work that she created using old pieces of lace and clothing. This was really inspiring and gave me lots of ideas with what I could do, especially after being given all the lace pieces from St Helena Hospice. Fiona's work is really high quality and you can tell a lot of love and attention was put into it. I love the way she has used the different shaped pieces of lace and crochet to create garment shapes and details.

 photo DSCF2722_zpse4111284.jpg photo DSCF2723_zps66966258.jpg

 photo DSCF2724_zpsf3c40d2c.jpg photo DSCF2725_zps25d57840.jpg
 photo DSCF2726_zps864e9cd4.jpg photo DSCF2727_zpsa226e64f.jpg
 photo DSCF2728_zpsf8695645.jpg photo DSCF2729_zps84d49aa0.jpg
 photo DSCF2730_zpsb9e3c4a4.jpg photo DSCF2731_zpsaa77d3fd.jpg
 photo DSCF2733_zps33c00d3c.jpg photo DSCF2734_zps9fb44300.jpg
 photo DSCF2735_zpsabb444e4.jpg photo DSCF2738_zps9a1adb27.jpg
 photo DSCF2739_zps0d8b6b14.jpg photo DSCF2740_zps0783e9a0.jpg
 photo DSCF2741_zps11ab545d.jpg photo DSCF2742_zps7d83177b.jpg
 photo DSCF2743_zpsec5d8a94.jpg photo DSCF2744_zpscbf67a5d.jpg
 photo DSCF2745_zpsa7bd874a.jpg photo DSCF2747_zps762edea5.jpg
 photo DSCF2748_zpse655e437.jpg photo DSCF2749_zpsc7b8aa68.jpg
 photo DSCF2750_zps0fbfbf83.jpg

This inspired me to use some of the pieces I got from the charity shop to create shapes on the stand.

 photo DSCF2751_zps0b64f5e4.jpg photo DSCF2752_zpsbb751c9a.jpg photo DSCF2761_zps5002031b.jpg photo DSCF2757_zps0cb32947.jpg photo DSCF2762_zpsc8dab689.jpg
 photo DSCF2754_zps4494e03e.jpg photo DSCF2763_zps0f51a234.jpg

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