Friday, 8 March 2013

St Helena Hospice...

For my final major project I am upcycling old clothes and I am a firm believer in using old materials and objects to not be wasteful! It is a shame to see clothes being thrown away with most of the time nothing is wrong with them, all you need is a bit of imagination to change it into something new!

Luckily for me, I am helping St Helena Hospice with a project they are undertaking at the moment of upcycling and trying to encourage people to upcycle. I got the honour of visiting one of their offices last week to pick out some objects that I thought I could use. As I want to print, embroider and dye things I selected mainly light coloured things but they had selected lots of things for us to look at.

Here are some of the pieces I chose:

 photo DSCF2331_zpse693508b.jpg photo DSCF2328_zpsc7e51c05.jpg
 photo DSCF2327_zpsfd3f958b.jpg photo DSCF2332_zps34200bbb.jpg
My favourite piece, a big poofy wedding dress! Someone must of loved this once upon a time but I plan to do something so much different to it!
 photo DSCF2334_zps7a2e736d.jpg photo DSCF2339_zps20abd471.jpg photo DSCF2342_zps48dfc4e2.jpg
A plain white men's shirt
 photo DSCF2344_zpsb48c2933.jpg photo DSCF2347_zps7a0ad574.jpg
Grey wool jumper
 photo DSCF2357_zps28970eed.jpg
crochet and lace pieces
 photo DSCF2359_zps887b77dd.jpg photo DSCF2360_zps8d0f5d95.jpg photo DSCF2361_zps271e4bef.jpg photo DSCF2362_zps710a3db7.jpg photo DSCF2363_zpsca73b01e.jpg photo DSCF2365_zpsed0d3c4d.jpg
I also got a few bedding sheets there are just plain white cotton! I am so excited to see what I can do with these pieces! 

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