Saturday, 15 September 2012

Out and About... Imperial War Museum

This summer...

Continuing on my journey for military and war time research I ended up going on a trip to the Imperial War Museum London. I have been there before but each time I've been back I've been looking for different things. I found lots of interesting images I could use for inspiration but what I found the most interesting was the old war time maps. I liked the way they had been concealed within other garments to hide from being seen if the person was captured, such as printed on silk and sewn into the lining of a helmet. I also found lots of uniforms that had different shapes and structures to them which could be interesting to play around with when constructing my outfits.

From these images and some sketches I have taken from the trip I want to explore colour, pattern and texture as well as structure and style. The museum is very inspiring and educational as I like to learn about history as well as at the same time collecting research for my fashion/textile projects.

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