Friday, 7 September 2012

Inspiration... Embroidery & Paper Jose Romussi

So following on from my last project at uni, I embraced the techniques of embroidery. At first I was a bit wary of the technique knowing how impatient I am with doing small details but seeing the image you are creating come to life is very addicting and self rewarding, although I do get a little bit tangled along the way. I now find myself looking for embroidery everywhere, may it be on a garment in the shops, on textiles, furnishings and now on paper.

I found this artist who uses old vintage photographs that are in black and white and adds colour to them by embroidering them. It adds detail and movement to the photographs too.

Their name is Jose Romussi

My favourite is the last one, I like how he has created folds in the fabric of the ballerinas skirt and added shading by having the stitches collecting at points to make areas look darker. He has also used 2 different shades of thread to help create this effect too. Some of the rainbow coloured ones remind me of laser lights from concerts and dance clubs which also help to create movement in the photographs.

I think it is amazing to see something so old and classic such as the vintage photographs to then be modernised and brought to life with the bright fun shades of colour he embroiders on top.

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