Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Out and About... National Maritime Museum

This summer...

Whilst in London we also visited the National Maritime Museum which on the way we passed by The Cutty Sark. I have seen the ship before but that was before the fire in 2007. It makes me sad to see pieces of history being destroyed but I was glad to see that they're taking good care of it and restoring it.

What I love about the ship is the amount of lines there are holding the mast up and each one had a role to play whilst the ship was in use.  With a design point of view in mind I like how the ropes all criss-cross each other vertically and horizontally which could make an interesting pattern.

Then on to the Maritime Museum where we were greeted by canons and anchors which had lovely details on them and also a gorgeous iron gate with swirled floral shapes. Inside the museum there was some intriguing instruments used in the maritime industry that I have no idea what for or how they were used. They were all a rich brass, gold colour with inscribed images and words of things like the zodiac signs etc. Again I was looking for old maps and details I could use in my own design work.

From my trips out this summer I am looking forward to designing and get going with my work. I love having fresh inspiration and looking at the images I have collected and getting lots of new ideas of what I could do. Now all I have to do is do it! :)

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