Saturday, 22 September 2012

London Fashion Week... Giles


This collection by Giles Deacon uses the inspiration of smashed glass as inspiration, whether it be laser cut into leather, a digital print on silk or encrusted with beads and jewels to create the shape.

This collection in my mind has a very romantic and fairytale theme. The use of the smashed glass as an image has a dark angry side to it but I feel like it has been softened with the fabrics and prints to make it more delicate. The glass image can also look sometimes like a spiderweb and also creates the look of lace. I love the way they have used the negative and the positive image of the smashed glass like with the laser cut leather and the image cut into lace like on the last picture where it has been over laid on top of netting. They have also used other images such as horses and feathers which add to the softness and the romantic side of the collection which also contrasts with the harshness of the smashed glass.
There's not many colours used in this collection, mainly white and black with a nude colour here or there, but I love how they have used bright pink lipstick to shine out on the models faces and glow through the head wear pieces created by Stephen Jones. I also like the soft shimmering colours they have used on some garments such as the metallic colours on the digital printed smashed glass with the pink being mixed in and the soft delicate blue colour which all adds femininity to the collection.

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