Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Proud to be British...

I had never watched the Paralympics before, I hadn't really known anything about it to be honest. However, after watching the Olympics London 2012 I was hooked and wanted more! I was so glad the Paralympics followed on after. As I've said before I didn't know much about disabled sport and I find it so amazing how they can still be active and not let their disabilities hold them back. Not that I wish anything on anyone to have a disability but I find it comforting that if by some horrific accident I were to end up losing my sight or a limb etc that there is something out there for me to do and to be part of something so inspiring.

I watched mostly wheelchair basket ball, the swimming, blind football and of course the athletics. I found it annoying by it being on channel 4 that they wanted to put in breaks all the time and that it wasn't full coverage like the Olympics had been. Also I found that I was watching the presenters talk more than actually watching sport. It was interesting finding out how all their equipment worked etc but I just found it very unnecessary that I wanted to see the athletes do what they do best.

I didn't get to see much of the opening ceremony of the Paralympics, although what I did see was that it looked very magical, like a children's story but also mixed with scientific research and I liked how they appreciated and celebrated Paralympics and disabled people by using them in every aspect of the show.

Paralympion flying through the sky - The Daily Edge
Team GB Paralympions - Mirror

The closing ceremony was based more around the 'steam punk' image of recycled rubbish and remaking them into something new. All the props were made from old things which I find made them even more amazing. It was good although I don't mind Coldplay it just seemed like rather than it being a celebration of what being British is all about and celebrating the Paralympics it just seemed like it was a Coldplay concert and promoting their album.
I don't really remember much else about the ceremony, which is to say it won't stick in my head. I am just proud to be British and have so many amazing people who come from our countries and can achieve amazing things. I am sad it is over and life has to get back to normal but all good things must come to an end, even if we don't want them to.
Rihannah and Coldplay - Fanpop

Circus artists - National Post Sports


Performers - Guardian

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