Friday, 21 September 2012

Inspiration... Embroidery


I like looking for research and feeling inspired when I find something truly amazing. However there are sometimes (a lot of the time) when I look at someone's work and think 'I could never do that!' I just don't have the patience, skill or mental ability to even consider some of the embroidery work I have been seeing lately. I want to stop thinking like this and give things a go whilst I am in my final year of university. After all, this is the year where I can do anything I want in my work until I have to go out into the real world of employment.

Here is a designer called Lorena Maranon who creates embroidered jewellery and accessories. I really like her designs as they have such lovely colours and geometric shapes taken inspiration from kaleidoscopes. The use of colour and shades of colours help make the designs look 3D like with the chevron shapes on the jewellery. I really like the embroidered collar, I like how the bright colours shine out against the white background and it's a big trend at the moment to have fancy collars. A simple way to jazz up a outfit.
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Hand Embroidered, Attachable Stiff Collar

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