Wednesday, 26 September 2012

London Fashion Week... Christopher Kane

I always tend to like Christopher Kane's collections, finding them feminine but with a hard edge to them too. With this collection I found myself in two minds about how I feel. I am still quite unsure whether I like it or not. As I went through the collection it started off with all white ensembles and personally I find that very hard to relate to. I love colour and print and I just feel like I have nothing to describe when everything is one block white colour.  However as I went through the images things started to change. Christopher Kane had used Mary Shelley's book 'Frankenstein' as inspiration, nuts and bolts and all. The garments started to have more colour, pastels which is a trend this season. Also folds and pleats held together by 'bolts' in the shape of bows. Then the bow motif took off as the main image but not always as a print. He used the bows in transparent fabrics cut out and made to look like they are all looping together. Then he moved the collection on to have delicate fabrics with appliqued lace, hanging chandeliers and tape. You would not think them three things would go together, two being delicate and feminine and the other being, well, tape. Having the soft floaty fabrics and lace with the tape makes a strong contrast and I almost get the impression that the tape is kind of the image holding everything together of something that is suppose to be beautiful like Frankenstein's monster but really he is falling apart.

I love collections that have a deep meaning behind them, whether that was the designers intentions or whether I am just connecting the two things together. I think after writing about it I have decided I do like the collection but only because of the back story. If it was just based on what I was seeing without knowing the inspiration I don't think I would have be that inspired by it.


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