Sunday, 24 February 2013

Inspiration... Lisa Temple Cox

Last year at uni we had a guest speaker come in and speak to us about her work. Lisa Temple Cox. Her theme was similar to one I am looking at now which is why I am using her for inspiration. She looked at scientific research like grotesque human parts floating in jars and things being malformed by the course of nature. This is very 'Cabinet of Curiosities' to me. Although things can look a bit scary and disgusting, there is still beauty in it. Someone has stored these items for research and analysis so that we now know the things we do in medical research and the way we work.
The images can look a bit scary and upsetting but I tend to look at them as objects rather than something that was once living. It is sad to think that these people grew up with these deformities or illnesses but it has also allowed us to develop in the medical aspects of it too.

From her research she then created a model of her head, having to make a cast whilst being completely covered. I would find this stifling and claustrophobic! But the outcome is astonishing and really connects with her research.
Please go check out her work because it is amazing, you can tell she loves what she does. Things don't always work out the way you intended them to be but sometimes that's what makes them better, a beautiful mistake. 

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