Tuesday, 5 February 2013

My Work... Sampling

So the final week before hand in is here and getting everything finished in time is proving that there are too few hours in the day!

Bit of a blurry picture but you get the gist of what I had to do!
Luckily the final samples have all be done and dusted, sketchbook is pretty much finished and I just need to print my portfolio pages. Coming to the end of a project I always feel in two minds about it. Firstly I can't wait to see the back of it and not have to look at it for while again because it is all I've been looking at for the past five months! But then I also feel a little bit sad and apprehensive about it. One reason because it is something I have taken care over doing for the last five months! Also because this means it will be my final major project next and then that will be it for university and my degree :( And then there is the fact that we are being graded on it and whatever we get is really important and goes towards our degree! So scary!
For the next project I definitely want to enjoy it, I don't want to waste my time becoming stressed and bogged down about it, especially when it counts and it showcases everyone what our work is about. So especially want to make a good impression and not let it be rubbish just because it's not going the way I wanted. No doubt about it I will get stressed but I won't let it defeat me and I want to make sure its the best thing I've ever done! haha!
A couple of development pages from my portfolio to show where my work has progressed. 

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