Thursday, 14 February 2013

Out and About... V&A revisited...

A little while ago I visited the V&A for the Hollywood exhibition and I thought I would go back and just have a look at their fashion department again. Even though the exhibition space hadn't changed much it was good to go back and revisit what you have already seen sometimes. It's good to see things you might not have seen before, also you might be looking for different things this time so your inspiration and the images you take might be different from the last time. And it is always good to remind yourself of what you have already seen. Like this time I didn't realise there was Edwardian clothing, which is the era I have been using for my dissertation. Whereas before, I visited that section in the summer so was looking for something completely different.  I didn't take many pictures as I had taken photos on my last visit but I just loved the Edwardian clothing. The colour was lovely as you usually associate the era being quite dark because it coming after the Victorian era.

beautiful collar

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